Corporate Information

Message from CEO

1998 ..., at the time it launched a still full 3DCG studio was unusual, we established the Milky Cartoon Co., Ltd. to start with the creation of original content to subject the license business digital video production.
We caught needs quickly in the market which changed with the age and dealt with contents loved by all of you.
As for the market size of the contents industry such as a movie, an animated cartoon, TV program, the book, around 12 trillion yen (field of field of inner picture 4,400 billion yen, game 1,400 billion yen), Japan become the scale of the second place of the world next to the United States. In addition, the situation spreading to every field includes the CG animation production market mainly on inflection of 3DCG.
"COOL JAPAN" which the government promotes conjugates and will aim at the company contributing to life, culture through entertainment from the global field of vision.
In addition, respect each employee, and what is entrusted with authority to every employee, will lead to the growth of the employees, under the idea that the growth of the employee greatly brings up a company, make a vector one, so "I want to do this, should do this," every employee is opinion considered, and create a lot of atmosphere that can be discussed that will create opportunities for employees and company growth.
And we will be pushing forward so that the opportunity is connected with a result

President & CEO
Takashi Masuda

Management Philosophy

【On the basis of personal respect,we create rich value and aim at the industrial group contributing to life,culture through entertainment in a global field of vision.】

  1. Respect of individuals
    If we entrust authority to employee each one in deference to each employee, it leads to the growth of the employee, and the growth of the employee brings up a company.
  2. Freedom, responsibility and trust
    Not freedom restricted to nobody, the noble freedom that is restricted only by own intention …It will get trust from the cause to stick to faithfulness.
  3. Creation of rich value
    We push forward innovation around the field of picture production, through entertainment, and create rich value in life, culture.


【Company Name】 MC Holdings Co., Ltd.
【Estabished】 March 1998
【Address】 Hulic Ebisu Bld. 7F, 3-15-7, Shibuya-ku Higashi, Tokyo, Japan
【Capital】 100,000,000yen
【Board of Directors】

Takashi Masuda

<Senior Managing Director>
Atsushi Miyake

Keisuke Maruyama

Sadanori hanawa

【Number of Employees】 35 people
【Services】 Formulation of MC Group ma nagement strategies and management of MC Group companies
【Group Companies】

■Milky Cartoon Co., Ltd.
 Address:Hulic Ebisu Bld. 7F, 3-15-7, Shibuya-ku Higashi, Tokyo, Japan
 CEO:Keisuke Maruyama
 Director:Hiroki Kasuga
 Services:Video production contract business

■DJC Co., Ltd.
 Address:Hulic Ebisu Bld. 7F, 3-15-7, Shibuya-ku Higashi, Tokyo, Japan
 CEO:Atsushi Miyake
 Director:Hiroshige Kobayashi
 Director:Sadanori hanawa
 Services:Video production contract business

Company History


Produced TV Animation Series "Pecola" the first Full 3DCGI TV Animation Series in Japan.

Produced 3DCGI Animated Series "Gregory Horror Show"

Produced 3DCGI Animated Series "Midnight Horror School"

Established "Studio MC", 100% subsidiary 3DCGI animation studio

Added 3DCGI animation movie production services for Pachislot machines

Produced 3DCGI animated series "Papipipi Pupi"

Added 3DCGI animation movie production service for Pachinko machines

Produced 3DCGI Animated Series "Kaden Manzai - John TV Show"

Added 2D animation movie production service for Pachinko machines.

Moved to the new office located at Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Merged with Studio MC 100% subsidiary 3DCGI animation studio

Merged with DJC 100% subsidiary through reorganization

Produced TV animation series "ColoColo Animal 2"

Milky Cartoon Co., Ltd. changed name to MC Holding Co., Ltd. due to reorganization
Newly established Milky Cartoon Co., Ltd.


Basic policy

  1. When profits and compliance conflict, we give priority to compliance without hesitation.
  2. Recognizing social responsibility and public mission, we aim to be a sincere company trusted by society.
  3. Comply with laws and other social norms and conduct honest and transparent corporate activities.
  4. Respect customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, etc. and contribute to the sound development of socio-economics.
  5. We strive to be wise not to engage in illegal or antisocial behaviour.
  6. We take a firm stand against antisocial forces.
  7. Actively disclose information to society and strive for transparent management.